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P1599 CHEVROLET - Engine Stall Or Near Stall Detected

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Tech notes
This code only means that the engine stall. If the P599 code is set with other codes, the other codes first.
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- Engine Light ON (or Service Engine Soon Warning Light)
P1599 CHEVROLET Description
The Engine Control Module (ECM) has the ability to set a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) if the engine stalls when the ignition has not been turned OFF. This DTC may aid in intermittent diagnosis of a customer complaint of intermittent engine stall. The scan tool Failure Record information can be duplicated under the same stall conditions in an attempt to reproduce the occurrence. Since DTC P1599 is a type D DTC, the ECM will not command the malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) ON. This DTC can set due to a driver error. For example, a vehicle equipped with a manual transaxle in which the clutch was release too quickly causing the engine to stall, will set DTC P1599.
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Engine Light ON?

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